The Project Starts

Group Raksasha chose “Fear is in me” as their project and it will be their first attempt to make a digital game until now. The story of the game is about a small girl who is having nightmares every night and her nightmares come true at some point. They chase her all the time and now it’s our job to save her. From the design decisions that the group made, they all came to the conclusion of not providing her with any weapons but only flashlights which will make the monsters go away for the time being and as the girl, players will have to move forward trying to reach to the end which will end all of her nightmares once and for all.

Title screen

As the lead artist of the project, I chose to make all the sprites slightly top-down(almost in a 60-degree angle) and the gameplay will take place in a top-scrolling environment. The whole game will look dark since it will be in a dark forest but the individual assets will be colorful in their own way. The primary decision is to have three different enemies: the rabbit, the wolf, and the bats along with 3 different type of flashlights each having different characteristics. As for power-ups, the player can pick-up batteries that will be randomly spawned from the monsters.

Their will a lot of animations for me to do since every enemy will have different movements towards the player and the player will be free to move in any directions. I have already started to work on the player character which is coming up good so far. The daily stand-up meeting idea has been proving to be really good since I get the mindset that I have to show something that I have worked on and things that I will have to work on next. One problem that I’m facing for now is not fixing the dimensions of the sprites beforehand which is leading to the problem of scaling everything in Unity laterwards. As a result, sometimes they are not working properly and I find myself re-doing those again. We are planning to fix this issue in the next sprite planning and hope everything works out well.

Thank you for reading my blog, hope you have a good one.


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